Patients with severe dry-eye symptoms, Sjogren’s syndrome, or superficial keratitis often have symptoms of burning, dryness, foreign body sensation, mild to severely decreased vision and sometimes excess tearing.  These conditions can be difficult to treat and lead to great frustration on the patient’s part.  Tears function by nourishing the surface of the eye while also providing antimicrobial, mechanical and optical properties.  Your natural tears contain growth factors, fibronectin, and vitamins that support the overall health of the ocular surface and promote healing of the cornea and conjunctiva.  When a patient suffers from conditions that ultimately lack these healing factors, they suffer from severe ocular surface disorders and persistent epithelial defects.

Recently, the use of autologus serum in the form of eye drops has been reported as a new treatment for severe ocular surface disorders.  Autologus serum tears are a form of eye drop produced as an unpreserved option using the serum from your blood.  They are by nature non-allergenic and their biomechanical and biochemical properties are similar to normal tears.  The literature supports that cell culture experiments have shown that corneal epithelial cell morphology and function are better maintained by serum than by pharmaceutical tear substitutes.  Clinical cohort studies have reported its successful use for severe dry eyes and persistent epithelial defects.  The protocol to prepare and use the autologus serum eye drop varies and is based on your individual needs.

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