Refractive Surgery Procedures with iLasik

iLasik is a customized laser technique of two of the most up-to-date technologies available, maximizing results and safety.

Dr. Puk and Dr. Miller from Cedar Valley Eye Care in Waterloo Iowa, pride themselves in offering their patients current refractive surgery procedures that are innovative, effective, and FDA approved. iLasik combines intralase flap technology and customized wavefront treatment to offer advanced technique to achieve the best possible outcome. This customized approach provides patients individualized treatment specific to their own unique needs.

Since 1997, Dr. Puk and Dr. Miller have performed more then 8,000 successful laser corrective surgeries using iLasik in Iowa.  Specifically Waterloo, Cedar Falls and the surrounding areas.

Why iLasik?

In the past, Lasik surgery used laser pulses that were directly applied to the front surface of the eye. With the progression of technology, it was discovered that using the corrective laser under a thin layer of tissue lifted from the cornea, healing time was reduced, and discomfort was greatly decreased.

Instead of mechanical instruments, iLasik offers greater safety due to the precision and predictability of using the laser for flap creation. This increased degree of control over flap thickness makes it possible for patients who previously were not candidates for Lasik, to now have the procedure using iLasik technology.

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