Cedar Valley Eye Care has always strived to take care of our patients in the safest way possible.  It is our goal to continue doing this In light of the presence of COVID-19 in our community. 

When you come for your next appointment, there may be some obvious differences and some that may go unnoticed.  We are making every effort possible to allow for appropriate social distancing while at our office, adjusting both patient and doctor schedules.  You’ll notice all of our staff wearing masks, and we ask that you wear a mask as well.  This is an extra added effort we are making to keep our patients and staff healthy.  We will dutifully be sanitizing all surfaces you may come in contact with and have hand sanitizer readily available.  We would also ask that you would help in limiting the number of visitors entering the building.  If no assistance is required, then only the patient should enter.  We understand that these measures may be slightly inconvenient, however, we are taking these measures in an effort to do our part in curbing the spread of this

Be encouraged that these practices have been in place since the very beginning of the recommended quarantine as we have been serving our patients requiring emergency or essential procedures.  This week we will continue trying to catch up with much of our medically needed exams. Beginning May 18th, we have hopes of gradually starting routine eye care visits and opening our optical department.  Please be patient and understanding as we navigate the reopening process.  We are energetically looking forward to seeing our patients again and safely providing you with your eye care.

Thank you