Our Solutions

Eye care solutions are much more than just vision corrective surgery or prescription eye wear. We have built our reputation as skilled and caring providers by treating each patient based on his or her individual needs. Cedar Valley Eye Care uses the latest proven technology in its practice. We use the only excimer laser in the Cedar Valley with the most up-to-date technology, including Custom-CAP treatment for irregular patterns of astigmatism.

We were the first area clinic to offer the new 3D Eye Tracking Laser, which increases safety and reduces risk of night halos by removing less tissue and utilizing a larger optical zone. We offer the only local laser with eye tracking capability. The eye tracker tracks the natural pupil eliminating the need for pupil dilation or per-imaging.

Our physicians also offer Wave Front/Custom Vue technology. Wave Front/Custom Vue technology captures the unique imperfections in your vision that could not have been measured and corrected before. This gives Dr.s Puk and Miller treatment options that are truly individualized to your visual needs. It produces a detailed map of your eye ~ much like s fingerprint, no two are alike. It provides 25 times more precision than standard measurements used for glasses and contact lenses.

To speak of our history of the best and most advanced services, we were the first area clinic to perform Laser Vision Correction. We utilize the VISX laser correction system operated by the most experienced nurses and technicians in the area. We partner with Sartori Memorial Hospital in Cedar Falls, Iowa, to bring you nearly a decade of LASIK experience with more than 8,000 surgeries.

Your Treatment is ALL Inclusive

Our pricing for LASIK is ALL inclusive. Your treatment includes all exams, diagnosis, treatment plan, one year follow-up appointments. Cedar Valley Eye Care also offers convenient payment methods including MC, Visa, Discover and bank referral. Some procedures (i.e. cataracts, glaucoma, etc.) are covered by insurance. Be sure to ask if you have questions.

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