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Read what some of our patients are saying below.

Cory C.

Occupation: Marketing

“My life was centered around having glasses on or having them nearby. I decided to have vision correction surgery because of the success stories of others whose lives were like mine and had decided to have LASIK surgery. My experience was simply astounding! I had... Read More

Billy E.

Occupation: Nurse

“Before surgery my vision was fairly good with glasses, poor close-up, and blind without glasses. I decided to have vision correction surgery because I always wanted to be able to see without glasses. I felt like I got the best care – everyone took as... Read More

Jennifer D.

Occupation: Student

“Before surgery I had to wear contacts everyday, and they always hurt, so, many times I would have to wear my glasses. The decision of vision correction surgery was easy to make with the thought of never having to put another contact lens in my... Read More

Merle T.

Occupation: Technical Writer

“Before surgery my vision was BAD, I couldn’t see without glasses. My experience at Cedar Valley Eye Care was Excellent. The surgical procedure was painless and it didn’t even take very long. I could see without glasses right away! My life after vision correction surgery... Read More

Stacy S.

Occupation: Manager

“Before I had surgery my vision was blurry and I had to have glasses to see at a distance. I am active in sports and with children and my glasses got in the way or would get broken so I decided to get vision correction... Read More

Kathleen H.

Age Group: 40+ Occupation: RN Operating Room Type of Correction: High Myopia

“I had heard about great outcomes from other people who had LASIK. I had a very good experience at Cedar Valley Eye Care – it was painless and fast. I was amazed that I had instant sight. Really, I was seeing well that day. I... Read More

Mary H.

Age Group: 40+ Occupation: Farmer Type of Correction: Monovision

“The people at Cedar Valley Eye Care provided a lot of information about the procedure before it was done. You can really tell the Dr. Puk loves what he does and is excited about helping others. The procedure was fairly painless. It only took a... Read More

Joyce B.

Age Group: 50+ Type of Correction: Monovision

“I could not see anything without glasses and had bifocals. A friend of mine had LASIK and had really good luck. My experience with Cedar Valley Eye Care was very good. Everyone was very pleasant. The surgery was very interesting. There were no problems and... Read More

Bradley W.

Age Group: 50+ Occupation: Registered Nurse Type of Correction: Far Sighted / Astigmatism

“I’m active and wanted to be able to function without glasses or contacts. All of the personnel were very friendly and helpful. They were patient, informative and very professional. The surgical procedure itself went very smooth. This has made me free of worry and frustration... Read More